Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) Programme.

Entrance Requirements:
A Master‘s degree
Duration: 2.5 years to 3 years


Programme: Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

Mode of Study
Part-time study : Weekends or on-line study

Program Description:

The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is designed for candidates who, having already completed a Masters program, are looking to further develop their practical and theoretical knowledge of the principles that govern global business. Our DBA program emphasizes advanced decision-making and leadership skills as well as in-depth knowledge of theory and applied research.

Students have the opportunity to explore challenges including social responsibility, globalization, and managing change. In keeping with our commitment to working adult professionals, that allows students to complete their doctoral studies in a online study.

The performance outcomes which are required for the completion of the program include courses study , writing research papers, case study analyses, Learning Assessments, and a Doctoral Dissertation


Aim & Outcomes

  1. Critique how a broader understanding of cultural differences results in personal competencies that positively impact business strategies.
  2. Formulate how transformational leadership can improve the implementation of Business objectives
  3. Evaluate how the relationship between vision and tactics can result in meaningful and successful strategies in a complex business environment
  4. Create strategic opportunities by providing innovative solutions to complex Business problems using quantitative reasoning and methodologies that Contribute to organizational sustainability


Core Subjects

1st Year
1. Leadership and Creative Solutions
2. Management, Strategy
3. Risk management
4. Marketing Strategy
5. Business Research Methods

2nd Year
1. Global Economics
2. Organizational behavior
3. Business Research Methods II

3rd Year
Final Dissertation